Lee Camp: STOP ARGUING, Both Sides Of Healthcare Debate Exploit The Sick For Profit

July 2, 2017 Lee Camp 0

The reason the healthcare debate isn’t actually a debate in this country is because talk of single-payer universal healthcare isn’t anywhere near the conversation. It’s so marginalized, which is pathetic, because the US is the only developed country in the world that doesn’t provide this to its citizens. When the idea of healthcare as a human right isn’t part of the US healthcare debate, guess what? – There ain’t no real debate.

All My Jobs Were Replaced By Robots

November 26, 2016 Matt Orfaela 0

I don’t think enough people realize how fast technology is changing. I might not either, but when I think about every job I’ve ever had over the course of my life, about 13 of them, it’s kind of making me realize it.

10 Reasons for Guaranteed Income

November 23, 2016 Matt Orfaela 0

The US Declaration of Independence says we all have the right to life and liberty. But the truth is: You don’t have the right to life and liberty unless you can afford it.

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