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Get to know Orf: he produces, edits, documents, animates, films, writes, raps and more!

What Inspired You To Do Media Work?

I learned the power of video when a priest was almost fired after the airing of my first high-school film. I pursued that interest and went on to make a wide range of comedic, educational, and music videos on my YouTube account. From this I've gained a lot of experience video editing and producing content. Over the years I have successfully accumulated millions of video hits on YouTube and over a hundred million video views on Facebook from all sorts of topics that I've published videos for. My experiences have allowed me to connect to a network of activist groups who help promote my work and help me build an audience who then help fund my independent media projects and keep the momentum going.

Prior to my activism work, I'd been a professional video editor for over 10 years. I did post-production for some reality television series, but became more motivated to create videos that don’t just entertain, but also educate. As the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections came around I became enthusiastic about the Bernie Sanders grassroots campaign but noticed the minimal media content focusing on his message and the lack of coverage of his overall campaign. After growing frustrated with the censorship I then devoted my time publishing all sorts of video content for Bernie, over a thousand hours to publish viral videos which garnered 30 million views on Facebook alone (politicians like Senator Nina Turner and rapper Killer Mike have even given me Twitter love even), all without paying a cent for advertising.

What Motivates You To Keep Working?

I accidentally stumbled upon investigative journalism after looking into questionable video edits of the PBS NewsHour's interview with Green Party candidate Jill Stein. My video exposed how PBS deliberately cut off Jill Stein's most important segment of the entire piece, however I was prohibited from sharing the video on Facebook! My work with this story was featured on The Young Turks, RT, Truthdig, The Jimmy Dore Show, The Humanist Report, and Counterpunch.

Do You Consider Yourself A Liberal Activist?

The issues I'm involved with are non-partisan and my work has even been picked up in the conservative community on sites like The Blaze and Breitbart. My biggest political interest would be basic income and job automation which has inspired me to become a universal basic income advocate. Beyond that I am also a huge documentary nerd and an amateur rapper.

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