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Get to know Lia: she travels around the world and uses her voice to help non-profits raise money for great causes.

During the absurd 2016 Season Finale of America ... some of my friends thought I lost it.

Oh, but actually I found it.

I've come back into congruency with myself & my core values. I think most of my friends know me as a musician in the community. I am that. But I am equal parts musician & activist. When I was in college, I actually had no idea I was a musician. Back then, I was a crazy radical activist. I cared SO much about certain issues that I was willing to get arrested at protests & lock-downs, marching in the streets with my homemade signs and shirts. I lived and breathed positive change. I believed this world could be much much better and I was willing to do almost anything to make that better future a reality.

Over the years, yikes. I've been so caught up in the usual things: Jobs / health / surviving / marriage / divorce / friends / family / care-giving / ya know, the *stuff of life*. I never lost sight of hope for a better world - but I will admit that the lens got way muddied. At times the system just felt so corrupt and so far gone that I simply threw my hands up. My particular set of privileges had allowed me to do so. In my opinion, that is not really okay. That's the kind of thing that allows injustice to breed. And yes, I have played a lot of benefit shows. And I think you will find hope and some activism in my songs... but as far as overt activism ... I just hadn't been as involved.

And then, I got a phone call. "We're starting up a new record label for radical musicians." This was with long-time friend / activist / musician Ryan Harvey and the one and only Tom Morello. I'm in. Let's do this. That was in 2015 and I'm telling you, something was lit up when I joined Firebrand Records. "We know that music alone does not change the world, but we recognize that it is an integral part of the movements that do."

You see, this music thing ... was never about me. Music for me has always been an activator. Propagandhi, Dead Prez, Rage Against The Machine. I learned from these bands. Their ideas infiltrated my mind and gave me this powerful truth - this way to view the world that is MOST OF ALL about:

J U S T I C E.

My music was never that political. I make music, yes. I filter the world through song. It is what I do. I can't help it. Some of my songs get political. Some of them don't at all.

Am I really an activist? Or am I just a human living a life who cares about *us* not just *me*? What do you care deeply about? What moves you into action?

Speaking of not me us ... something yuge happened to me at a cellular level in 2016: Bernie Sanders enters the mainstream, ignites my passion to a whole new level, activates and re-activates MILLIONS of people, gives me a whole new horizon of hope. I, like so many others, had The Bern. There was no stopping. There were times where I literally felt like I was not driving this ship.

I teamed up with Andy from We Are The Media and have been working with him on content and images ever since.

I understand this country's history and I understand the many possible trajectories that could lie ahead...
I know of the darkness humanity is capable of. But I also know the greatness that is possible when love conquers fear. When people stand together and demand fairness for everyone.

Apathy is dying. A new Earth is rising.

I've been knocked to my knees by the kindness of strangers. I will continue to focus on the good. Not only because I believe that is the way to keep growing the good... but also because I literally cannot breathe when I lose sight of hope. I am inspired every day by the millions and millions of people rising up and using a diversity of tactics to create a more just world. And so it goes. And we fight on.

Thank you for reading ❤
Lia Rose

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