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Get to know Andy: he creates graphics, videos, logos, websites and lots more for the ongoing political revolution.

Before I start I have to say: people need to trust their intuition and have more faith in themselves. If you don't have faith in your own foundation then what luck do you expect to have when you lack trust in others? This is something that triggered my journey and allowed me to break free of a lot of my own personal boundaries. My name is Andy Hart, the founder of We Are The Media, a social media publisher, an average white guy and a freelance artist turned activist.

Why Did You Start 'We Are The Media'?

Well, I wouldn't say I started it but I definitely took it and ran with it. The phrase is just something we have been thinking and saying, it's definitely something I thought of frequently so I started a Facebook group with it and used it to tag my graphics which then led me to testing out a Facebook page and then I decided to make a website for the page so we weren't reliant on Facebook entirely. The original Facebook group was dedicated to covering topics for Bernie's Presidential campaign which touched on a lot of truths and effected millions of Americans yet was censored by the media and ridiculed and falsified by almost every major media outlet which is why I felt it was an important campaign to be a part of and why I volunteered my time for Bernie and canvassed across the country.

The phrase itself is about independent expression and being in control of your own message which is a big reason why I want the page to be inclusive, but inclusion involves a lot of education and more connections and I'm always encouraging people of different backgrounds and political views to apply to be a contributor for We Are The Media to share their own perspectives.

What Are Your Political Views?

I consider my political interests to be somewhat rogue but it is absolutely no secret that I'm a big supporter of Bernie's political platforms including healthcare being a human right, investing in cleaner infrastructure, renewable energy technologies, making a pathway to legal citizenship, working with indigenous nations on an equal level, fighting systemic racism and exposing civil injustice as well as the rampant corruption. Bernie's campaign, his supporters and the conversations we had with those outside of our bubble taught me more about the endless imperialistic colonial wars against brown people, the oil wars and U.S. terrorism than I ever imagined. I say that my political interests are rogue and independent mainly because I understand I have many liberal values but I have very few progressive role models which is why I put a lot of faith in my peers and empowering individuals like Nina Turner and congress members like Tulsi Gabbard who introduced legislation to actually stop the United States from funding ISIS; we live in such a disturbing world I don't think most people can actually absorb the truth half the time.

This new era of misinformation is dangerous; it's costing us our resources, it's costing lives and it's killing our environment all at the same time. I wouldn't say there's anything political about trying to figure out the truth and attempting to help others, but such is the way our system works - give me whatever political label you'd like. Also, yes, I ultimately answered this question with Bernie Sanders being my political view but I believe he was a good start to help folks who were cynical like me by speaking up (during his presidential campaign) for those who couldn't and describing the rigged system with words we often cannot come up with ourselves. He absolutely brought people together and created a chain-link bond between people who would otherwise feel very isolated by the Democratic and Republican parties and the hellfire and division from its die-hard supporters whom the media triggers and ignites.

What Are Things You Like About We Are The Media?

The main thing that keeps me engaged with We Are The Media are the people I've gotten to connect with just from managing the Facebook page and all the information I've learned by having to publish content regularly. A lot of the people who engage with our posts are doing extraordinary things in their lives and they deserve to have some recognition which is why I like to share content and articles from our visitors since I consider everyone to be a contributor in one way or another. Sometimes I will share a quote from someone that really speaks to the relevance of a moment and I will see that person's friends share the post and say they're famous, they really light. People get excited when they're recognized or when their friends are recognized for their hard work, humanitarian efforts, generous spirit or kind nature and that's something I like to shine a light on once in a while in between the news graphics, videos and article shares. With all the bad that's happening, it's good to remember and see the good that still occurs on a regular basis - the same good truly drives the force for humanity and allows individuals their own pursuit to happiness.

We Are The Media is a platform for all voices of reason to come together and make change for the better and we are growing stronger at the core as the seeds are planted for the upcoming political revolution. I hope to embrace a real message of unity over time by talking to, interviewing and better understanding my Republican brothers and sisters in the future because I believe breaking down the walls helps enlighten everyone.

The page and website provide me with a stable platform to share my graphic creations, video edits and also allows me to do fundraising for political campaigns and important causes. Beyond the scope of the work the page has brought freelance work opportunities and has allowed me to connect with amazing and talented individuals like Lia Rose, Matt Orfaela, Brian Lis, Brendan Zerafa, Olivia, Angie, Sneha, Lish and many others.

I am truly grateful for everything the page has taught me and provided for me and others and want to continue building and utilizing the community we have in the best ways I can learn how and I hope that you will help me in this journey. Keep filming what you see, keep documenting, keep learning what you can and keep being the media! Your voice makes a difference, your perspective can change hearts and change minds.

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We Are The Media's Andy Hart and Lia Rose meeting up at her family's business where she's involved.
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