Anoa J Changa with Nina Turner

Opinion: Why I Confronted White Progressive Figures For Racism In Their Commentary

The situation involving me and two other independent media commentators is not an issue of “different languages.” It is not about a coordinated attack to “take them down.” It is a clear example of adventures in whiteness, entitlement, and privilege. We cannot bridge gaps while also disregarding the facts and the unwillingness to apologize for the original offense.

Oath Keepers Militia

Right-Wing Militia Pledges To Protect Lawyers Involved In DNC Fraud Lawsuit

An armed militia known for their work in guarding “free-speech” events attended by alt-right audiences, Libertarians and conservatives has crossed paths with a husband and wife lawyer team who run a Miami law firm that is currently suing the DNC for election fraud committed during the 2016 presidential campaign. The unlikely pairing came after the […]