Candidate For Senate Blocked From Local Political Debate

by Andy Hart
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Margaret Flowers showed up to a local debate and demanded to be part of the discussion with her opponents in Maryland but instead was escorted out by police. Dr. Flowers is a Green Party candidate for US Senate and a respected doctor who runs a great campaign that stretches across the state (plus has many supporters, as you can hear in the audience) yet she’s forbidden to be part the democratic debate process altogether.

Her then opponent Delegate Szlega agreed to do a televised debate with her the following day, but the Congressman Van Hollen refused to be part of it and wouldn’t allow for more than 2 debates in total.

“Chris Van Hollen appears to be afraid to debate me in a televised debate. Kathy Szeliga and I have agreed to have another debate with Sinclair Broadcast Group, so the entire state of Maryland can see the debate on both their stations with all 3 candidates. Chris Van Hollen prefers to keep Maryland voters in the dark.”Dr. Margaret Flowers

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