10 Political Figures Who Shook The World in 2016

by Brendan Zerafa
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10. Arron Banks

Co-founded the Leave.EU campaign which was instrumental in making sure that the designated Leave campaign ‘Vote Leave’ turned up its ground game. He also quite successfully emulated Donald Trump’s media strategy which meant that every time he said something outrageous, he’d effectively be playing the British media.


9. Tad Devine/Revolution Messaging

Tad Devine was influential in coming up with inspiring ads that made sure that Bernie’s presidential ambitions were taken seriously. He also deserves a lot of credit with making sure that Bernie’s campaign peeked right before the Iowa caucus.

Revolution Messaging revolutionized digital campaigning as we know it by aiding Bernie in raising millions via working class donors. Their digital strategy and effective designs also made sure that ‘memes’ became a huge part of digital campaigning. Their modus operandi will be studied for years to come.


8. Nigel Farage

Lost a lot of battles throughout his political career, but won the war. Farage became the face of EU opposition in the early 2000s, and after being humiliated in the 2015 UK general election, he bounced back with making sure that Brexit became a reality. Undoubtedly the most despised person in Brussels.


7. Michael Gove

Went on head to head against former Prime Minister David Cameron, and trounced him when it became clear that the UK would leave the EU. When Cameron resigned, he ran for Prime Minister backstabbing his best friend Boris in the process – his run was, however short lived. The enemies he had made along the way came back to haunt him and he was effectively neutralized by his own ambitions.


6. Jared Kushner

Dubbed as the man who ‘won Trump the White House’ by FORBES. What do you do when you’re faced with impossible odds? Easy – get a macbook and run some Google and Facebook ads in Mid-Western states. If Revolution Messaging revolutionized digital campaigning, Jared Kushner revolutionized the way in which specific targeting and online ads in campaigns work.


5. Boris Johnson

Shocked the United Kingdom by coming out in favor of Brexit. Was used to neutralize the negative effect which Nigel Farage and UKIP brought onto the Leave campaign. Was the favourite to become Prime Minister after David Cameron resigned, however Michael Gove made sure that Prime Minister Johnson never happened. Was chosen later on to become Britain’s Foreign Secretary.


4. Dominic Cummings

Lead the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign. Very effective with his messaging and spin. As cunning as a fox, and a ruthless pragmatist. Survived a coup, remained calm and made sure that he made his doubters shut their mouth when he lead the Leave campaign towards victory. People usually credit Nigel Farage for Brexit, but if it wasn’t for Cummings there would most likely be no Brexit.


3. Bernie Sanders

Inspired millions and made democratic socialism go mainstream in the United States. Need I say more?

Some (including myself) believe that if he were the Democratic nominee, there would be no President-elect Trump.


2. Vladimir Putin

Became a topic of the Presidential election when Russian hackers allegedly hacked DNC emails, which resulted in Debbie Wassermann Schultz resigning from the Democratic National Committee.

According to a YouGov poll, 50% of Clinton voters believe that Putin’s Russia tampered vote tallies in order to help elect Donald Trump.


1. Donald Trump

Defied the odds, went through the Republican nomination like a hot knife through butter & won the Presidency while reducing two political dynasties to irrelevance in the process. Also managed to change the rules of the game almost single-handedly.

How will history remember 2016? I have a feeling that it will have a lot to do with how Trump performs in the upcoming presidency.


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Post Author: Brendan Zerafa

─ An activist and social media marketing manager who works with various US campaigns, universal political organizations and is active in political groups around Malta. Follow him on Facebook
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