Our Vision

Community Driven
Our group is community driven and volunteer based, full of creative individuals who want to make the world a better place. Each of our active team members has experience either with locally organizing, video editing, graphic design, music or another talent that they bring to the table.
Environmentally Conscious
We believe that respecting our planet is key. Whether it's sustainable living, renewable energy, tiny homes, food instead of lawns, organic culture, fair-trade and local markets - we understand the importance of shopping and supporting local businesses.
Media For The Masses
We strive to provide fulfilling and researched articles and social media content that is both informative and visually tasteful to help even the smallest acts get the most exposure. Good things happen and we want to capture them happening!
Unified Spirit
Many of us here at We Are The Media have family members and friends from the opposite political spectrum - this actually pushes us to provide content that serves the political interests of everyone participating in democracy. While we understand we won't please everyone we still try our best to keep the unity.
Truth Detectors
The contributors try their hardest to only follow reputable sources and to refrain from sharing rumors, misinformation or anything that might cause damage to an individual or group. If you believe you've come across an error please contact us and we will correct it or publish a revision.
We're Dreaming Of Ideas
This is only the beginning for us! We plan to expand our projects and attend more live events and actions in the future but we'll need your support in order to get that coverage. We will update our followers on ways they can help fund these trips, keep in touch and follow us on social media to join us in this revolutionary journey!

Everyone Has Access To A Camera

We want to help share your stories, your truths and your voice.. Send us your story, let's work together.