Trump Plans Executive Order Allowing LGBTQ Discrimination

by Andy Hart   January 31, 2017
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  • Trump Administration Possibly Preparing To Overturn Obama's 2014 LGBTQ Federal Protections
  • ACLU, Legal Groups & Celebrities Ready To Support LGBTQ
  • Anonymous Sources Say The Executive Order Could Occur As Soon As This Week

Trump's administration is allegedly in the works, according to multiple anonymous sources, to move forward with an executive order that sponsors discrimination against homosexuals, transgenders, lesbian and gay individuals. The executive order would allow “religious freedom” rights that enables federal employers and agencies the ability to refuse service and employment to anyone who doesn't fit their standard of living by agreeing that marriage is between a man and a woman (among other terms and conditions). Former President Barack Obama originally enabled the federal protects in 2014 to help protect LGBTQ individuals from losing their jobs or from being prevented federal services.

"The order will allow for discrimination in a number of areas, including employment, social services, business, and adoption." - LGBTQNation

What Does The Executive Order Include?

It's claimed the order is far-reaching and even includes text making it possible for federally sponsored social services to be financially supported for their discrimination, allows federal workers to be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity, enacts infringements on adoption rights by allowing federally funded adoption agencies to deny children to LGBT families. With youth suicide rates increasing 30% over the last 15 years and considering that the US has some of the highest rates of child poverty rates on the planet... many, including myself, see this type of discrimination to be severely misguided.

According to the “religious freedom” order all individuals who do not uphold the personal belief that marriage is between a man and a woman or that gender is defined at birth by physical attributes are at risk of punishment including job loss, refusal of federal services and more.

Has The White House Responded To These Rumors?

Trump Enacting Anti-LGBT Executive Order Soon?Sean Spicer (White House Press Secretary) avoids a question about anti-LGBT executive orders labelled as "religious freedoms" coming up this week.

Posted by We Are The Media on Monday, January 30, 2017

When House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was confronted today about the LGBTQ discrimination rumors by media to which he responded with a jumpy answer leaving many to continue to speculate as to whether the rumors are true and unfolding. "There's a lot of executive orders. There's a lot that the president has talked about and will continue to fulfill."

What Can We Do If They Allow LGBTQ Discrimination, Again?

The 'Religious Freedoms' executive order in particular seems to pertain to federal employers and federally assisted programs which Obama initially took efforts to protect back in 2014. Lawyers and judges will fight the discrimination just as they have been doing for decades. Progress is being tampered with but as Nina Turner says, "Delayed does not mean denied". The fight for equality and civil justice will always be an ongoing struggle for generations to come as long as we all agree that everyone deserves first amendment and religious rights, we could all be negotiating the details of those rights for the rest of our existence. LGBTQ allies and activists need to stay focused on their long-term goals and not be driven by temporary setbacks, panic or fear. One thing to realistically bare in mind is that Trump's VP pick, Mike Pence, is a leader in advocating and supporting anti-LGBTQ laws and making discriminatory suggestions and is even a supporter of divesting HIV research money into programs that "change sexual behavior" (which many have attributed with shock-conversion therapy).

Supporters and allies of the LGBTQ movement have to play their next move smart. The last time there was a figure that was defiant of federal marriage laws they made her out to be a martyr and played 'Eye Of The Tiger' at her event. Many of these executive orders are meant to evoke a strong reaction from allies, moderate Republicans, progressives and independents alike. Some speculate these rushed executive orders are being pushed through by Trump so that Republican representatives can later look like they're putting the fire out and getting a handle on the situation after it spirals out of control. Put your energy & money into the legal struggle and make your voice heard if you are a firm believer of equality. Try to avoid getting caught up in all the gas-lighting and use love to share your message of hope and unity, the fight for justice is never over for any of us.

Here are some LGBT centers and legal groups you can donate to.
Feel free to leave a comment if you know of more!

Anne Penniston Grunsted with her family.

Note: This was published as an opinion article since the orders have not been released and the administration has not officially responded to questions relating to the executive order rumors. These details were provided to LGBTQNation from several anonymous sources and by an allegedly rogue White House employee on social media.

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