Today Is Not A Victory For Water Protectors

by Johnny Dangers // December 5, 2016

Headlines do not stop pipelines. Today is NOT a Victory. I want to make that crystal clear.

Do not fall for the headlines or propaganda. I am not leaving Sacred Stone Camp and I urge all Water Protectors to listen to your heart and your prayers to stay until the Black Snake is Dead. You trust my reporting because I give you the hard truth so I will give you that now.

I have no faith DAPL will not Drill under the Missouri River because of these words! The fine is small and they don’t respect the law or human rights. I showed you in numerous photos and videos earlier this year of DAPL’s continuing work during the injunction. People celebrated headlines then as well. It didn’t stop them.

I have no faith that President Elect Trump will not do whatever it takes with the full power of the US Government behind him to make this pipeline happen. He will overturn or change whatever needs to occur to do so. ALL rules go out the door with Trump when he is in office in January.
There is still currently a standing Eviction Order for the by US Army Core and this could easily be used to pressure the camp to leave the Treaty land. If the numbers at camp go way down as I expect from these headlines and statements by even GreenPeace “claiming victory” it will be easier to attempt to force the remaining Water Protectors out.

Photo by Johnny Dangers
Photo by Johnny Dangers

I can see Morton County Sheriff and DAPL Private Security currently in the hills across the Cannonball River riding around. The monstrous militarized concrete barricades blocking the highway where police laughed as they aimed Water Cannons in below freezing temperatures at innocent people remain. The Constantine wire on Turtle Island and all throughout the hills remain.

The Army Core suspended the decision baring an Environmental Impact Statement and DID NOT DENY the permit to cross the Missouri River. That is an important legal distinction currently being misreported by many news outlets who don’t understand the nuance.
Moving the pipeline 10 miles north through a re-route is fully unacceptable and continues to put the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s drinking water and that of millions in direct harms way. Climate change is already causing extreme weather and I find this option to be another bait and switch false solution if chosen.

I urge you once again to support the struggle.

I love you all and thank you for your solidarity.

Until We Meet in the Defense of the Water

Johnny Dangers is at Sacred Stone Camp right now and provides updates on social media – follow his Facebook page or support his fundraising page here.

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2 thoughts on “Today Is Not A Victory For Water Protectors

    Brenda Lee

    (December 5, 2016 - 3:46 pm)

    Right away after hearing the news I felt that this victory will be short lived. What I fear is that they will find another route that Native Americans cannot claim are sacred or treaty lands and will still attempt to put that pipeline UNDER the river. It’s not yet dead! Stay strong because even though we have won a battle the war is far from over. Take a deep breath, a short rest and stock pile your necessities. This is far from over.

    John Kesich

    (December 8, 2016 - 3:04 pm)

    The real impact of the Corps’ ploy will not be on those committed to the cause, but in giving the media an excuse for ignoring the story and thus eroding public awareness and support. My fear is that ETP will stop work for now but when they resume the public response will be, “Not that again. That was settled last December. What do those protestors want now?”

    As for backers canceling their contracts and thus ending the project financially, I suspect certain companies – or rather their shareholders – will eat the loss while the 1% sells at the peak and buys back the distressed investments. Think Rothschild and Waterloo or Warren Buffett and Lehman Brothers in 2008.

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