Wow! Bernie Draws Booming Crowd Of 11,400 At Denver Rally

by Andy Hart // February 17, 2020

Bernie showed up in Denver to a packed audience of more than 11,400 individuals (a number confirmed by the local fire department) who came out to hear the Vermont Democratic Socialist’s agenda for everyday, hardworking people.

“Don’t tell anybody but I think we’re gonna win here in Colorado,” Sanders told the booming arena.

Supporters came out from across the state and listened to the solutions Bernie is proposing to tackle the country’s biggest issues from climate crisis to student debt to homeless and healthcare access. The senator also had plenty to say about the current presidential administration.

Bernie didn’t shy away from getting specific and described how Trump’s 2016 campaign message was all about being a friend of the working people, something Bernie is actually committed to being and went on to say “Trump is not only a liar, he is a fraud.”

Bernie asked how Trump was a friend of working people when this administration has thrown 32 million people off their healthcare and when 83% of the tax proposals Trump has passed only benefit the wealthiest billionaires instead of average American families. Sanders also criticized Trump for hosting billionaire galas where guests paid anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 and even upwards of $150,000 for photo opportunities with the president.

“We’re gonna defeat him because the American people understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with this country when we got 3 people who own more wealth than the bottom half of American society.”

Another major concern for Sanders seems to be the amount of attention and energy the Trump administration is putting into efforts to squash social security, medicare and medicaid access for those who need it most.

Sanders doesn’t believe it’s necessary to make it harder for people to become eligible in programs like medicare and finds it to be reasonable to expand on it, allow dental and vision to be covered and to ensure everyone who needs help can see a doctor but many of his Democratic opponents as well as the Republican party seem more focused on allowing insurance companies and private corporations to create a massive industry where the sick are seen only as ways to make a profit.

Social Security is also an important topic for Bernie who believes that if you pay into the system you should be able to access it and he also opposes increasing the age of when it kicks in which is what the Trump administration supports. For decades, Bernie has advocated for expanding social security benefits and believes corporations who give pensions to workers should keep their promises and ensure those pensions are fully provided.

“We got a message for Mr. Trump and the corporate elite. Together, we’re gonna create a government and economy that works for all of us – not just the 1%. And we’re gonna end a corrupt political system in which billionaires can buy elections. Democracy means to me: 1 person, 1 vote.”

The rally featured an array of guest speakers including Colorado State Representative Emily Sirota, activist Dr. Radhika Nath, former State Rep. Joe Salazar as well as music performed by Mike Posner (who has been canvassing, knocking on doors and showing tremendous support for Bernie recently) and Denver-based band DeVotchKa who also preformed to the crowded arena.

Catch the full Colorado event below!

Post Author: Andy Hart

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