Bernie Fills Tacoma Dome With Over 17k Supporters

by Andy Hart // February 18, 2020

Washington state showed up and delivered one of Bernie’s biggest turnouts since the AOC New York endorsement event. Local Washington State Representative Pramila Jayapal asked the massive crowd “Did you know we have 17,000 plus people in the Tacoma Dome tonight?”

A common theme at tonight’s rally was the topic of corporate greed and oligarchs. Billionaires having the power to buy political infrastructure and influence turns the United States, by definition, into an oligarchy which is something Bernie has been attempting to shine a light on for decades.

The Vermont Democratic Socialist is on record describing his views as being relatively simple: one person has one vote and billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to pour endless amounts of money into elections where they literally sway and control elections. In particular, Bernie talks explicitly about a “disastrous” bill called ‘Citizens United’ which allows unlimited dark money to flow in and out of elections. Sanders has made it clear that overturning this legislation is necessary if we want a functioning democracy.

Bernie went after Bloomberg for his stop and frisk policies as well and talked about the amount of stress and fear New Yorkers went through under Bloomberg’s mayoral leadership. The right-wing billionaire’s insensitive and racially charged comments have also been continuously popping up in recent weeks causing many to question his integrity.

Kshama Sawant also brought a refreshing bolt of energy into the stadium as she shouted “I am the socialist from the Seattle City Council!”

“Despite relentless attacks from the corporate elite, Bernie’s socialist campaign is poised to trend from Massachusetts to California. Why? Because tens of millions are not only fired up to defeat Trump, we are fighting for a historic shift away from corporate politics that serves the billionaires at the expense of the rest of us and the future of the planet itself.”

“We know that Bernie beats Trump,” she told the roaring crowd.

Earlier in the day 10,400 showed up in Richmond, California where Sanders wrapped up his California tour before the campaign traveled north. Crowds there created an overflow of 3,000 people who couldn’t fit into the event!

The line for Bernie’s Washington event wrapped around 6 blocks according to a source at King 5. Other guest appearances at the rally included music by Portugal. The Man, Jamie Morgolin, actor/activist Tim Robbins and more.

Catch the fully rally below!

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