Bernie/Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Event In Kansas Exceeds Capacity In Only 10 Hours

by David Doel // July 20, 2018

“If you told the mainstream news that Kansas is going crazy for Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they would think you’re nuts, but that is currently what’s happening right now in Kansas. Initial sign ups for tickets for the event exceeded capacity within 10 hours of the announcement.” David Doel brings you more details in the clip below from The Rational National.

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Post Author: David Doel

Fed up with the misinformation spread through mainstream corporate media, David Doel comes from a background working in broadcast news, and ran for political office as a Green Party politician in 2015. Through The Rational National he aims to expose this misinformation while also lending his commentary on politics, news, and entertainment. Content is shared by a third party and We Are The Media is not directly affiliated with David Doel.
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