Oath Keepers Militia

Right-Wing Militia Pledges To Protect Lawyers Involved In DNC Fraud Lawsuit

by Andy Hart // June 5, 2017

An armed militia known for their work in guarding "free-speech" events attended by alt-right audiences, Libertarians and conservatives has crossed paths with a husband and wife lawyer team who run a Miami law firm that is currently suing the DNC for election fraud committed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The unlikely pairing came after the lawyers received death threats and anonymous calls using voice modification devices during the last couple of weeks. Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers pledged protection whenever Beck and her husband felt it was needed. “I let her know that we do that kind of protection, and if she needs help let us know. And she’s a Democrat, she’s a Bernie supporter. We’re bipartisan.” he told The Guardian in a recent interview.

Through out the last few weeks the couple has grown increasing anxious and made public claims that they fear for their safety. Things started to get bizarre when on June 1st the law firm's secretary received a strange call from someone using a voice altering device. The secretary immediately traced the number (305-936-5724) to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schult's address.

Although it can be said that there are ways to alter caller-ID it can also be noted that Debbie previously threatened police over crimes her own staffer committed. That incident involved Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatening a police chief who was handling evidence in an active criminal investigation.

Disturbing: Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught using voice-altering device while calling DNC Fraud Lawyers.
Disturbing: Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught using voice-altering device while calling DNC Fraud Lawyers.

Who Are The Oath Keepers?

The Oath Keepers militia is described as a "far-right, anti-government American organization associated with the patriot movement and militia movement" whose founder is a Yale graduate and Army veteran who was disabled after a parachuting accident and who also served on Ron Paul's staff.

The material distributed on the Oath Keepers website consists of a variety of topics including gardening, sustainability, content to maintain morale for military and veterans, the occasional article patting Trump or Ron Paul on the back, calling out leftist hypocrisy, and their other agenda which is to prevent and expose violent actions caused by Sharia Law and Antifa groups.

Why Is This Militia Helping The DNC Fraud Lawsuit Lawyers?

How does an armed Right-Leaning protection group pair up with progressive lawyers suing the Democratic Party?

Well, it turns out there is a bit of history between the two as far back as 2004 when Elizabeth Beck graduated from law school. The two shared similar stories on how their political parties went after viable candidates and took advantage of their voters, referencing Ron Paul and the RNC in their conversation.

The turmoil caused at the DNC in 2016 that led up to the fraud lawsuit involves the "democratic" process in which candidates are chosen to represent the party. The DNC fraud lawyers argue that the DNC misled 3 classes of plaintiff donors into thinking money would be be used to benefit various politicians that had viable opportunity at becoming candidates to represent that party. The Democratic Party alleges in court that it can rig the process in favor of their own candidate while collecting funds from donors and contributors with a message of 'unity' and uses broad language to maintain this policy.

This is not the only legal scrutiny against the DNC - it was revealed earlier in January in a year end report by the Federal Election Commission that the Democratic Convention paid its hosting committee nearly $1,000,000.00 in bonuses after the Philadelphia convention - taxpayer money originally raised in an attempt to solidify a Democratic elected candidate that was urgently fundraised after advisers claimed they had not met their fundraising goals. This has sparked Pennsylvania Senator to call for an auditor to conduct an investigation into the transactions.

"Next week I will be sending a letter calling on @DePasqualePA to immediately audit all funds spent associated with the DNC in Philadelphia." - Senator Joe Scarnati

Editor's Note: I originally titled this piece labeling Oath Keepers as an 'alt-right' group under the understanding that alt-right encompassed many of the followers attributed to extreme right wing groups affiliated with InfoWars and Breitbart which were shared heavily within OathKeepers.org, however, followers on our page at We Are The Media have corrected me noting that the Alt-Right ideology encompasses white supremacy and Oath Keepers do not have a White Supremacist message which I feel is an important distinction to make.

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