Watch How Cows React To Live Music

by Andy Hart // November 12, 2016

Have you ever seen an animal respond so eagerly before?

Would you believe that cows really love music? Very few animals become entranced at vocals and musical instruments the way that cows do! For centuries humans have been raising cattle and during our ancient civilizations we used to rely on herding calls and horns to draw their attention.

Researchers at the University of Leicester say the cows enjoy slow music, find it to be relaxing and a good stress reliever which delivers up to 3% more milk production as a result according to their 2001 study. Don’t be easily fooled into thinking the cows will be happy with any noise! Cows tend to react mainly to soothing and joyful melodies and it also depends on the herd of cows themselves.

Dairy cows produce more milk when listening to REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ or Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral Symphony’ than when subjected to Wonderstuff’s ‘Size of a Cow’ or the Beatles’ ‘Back In The USSR’ a new study by music research specialists at the University of Leicester has found.

Farmer Plays Lorde For Excited Cows

This farmer initially started playing some Lorde on his trombone in an empty field and within a couple of minutes there were tons of cows gathered around. He occasionally plays for them during the holidays as well.

Ancient Swedish Herding Call

Here is a Swedish artist doing, what she refers to as, an ancient Swedish herding call. The technique is referred to kulning which is a domestic Scandinavian form of music used to call cows, goats and other responsive livestock through the hills and steep mountains to lure them back home after they had been grazing all day.

Cows Embrace Accordion Player

Watch as an accordion player become surrounded by cows who keep a steady distance from him but can’t help but to wander over and listen. At around 18 seconds you can see just how excited cows can become when they start hearing music and they’ll run right over.

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