These French Wind Turbine Trees Are Beautiful

by Andy Hart // November 26, 2016

These beautiful wind turbine tree inventions harnesses energy even with the softest breeze!

Passersby enjoy the amazing design and natural colors while the surrounding community is happier knowing their energy is sourced from the air and not toxic fossil fuels or gasses. The trees were designed by a French man who had the vision after noticing leaves on trees moving when there wasn't any blowing wind in the air.

Anyone that loves sustainable and alternative energy solutions knows wind power is amazing but wind turbines are so massive and can harm flying wildlife - Newwind wind turbine trees can change that. Currently only a handful of alternative energy enthusiasts and companies are showcasing the prototypes including in countries across the world like in Switzerland & at the Cité des Télécoms site (France).

Hopes For The WindTree®

Mr Michaud-Lariviere, the owner and founder of the Parisian company Newwind technologies, said his hopes for the wind turbines is that they will be eventually used to help generate electricity for electric car ports, lights and other functional city items. The trees cost £23,500 (about $30,000.00) and require a bit of assembly, however, it generates energy with wind speeds at over just 4 miles an hour meaning it generates twice as much as a regular wind turbine.

French Wind Tree Turbine


Wind Turbine by Newwind (
Wind Turbine by Newwind (

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