Venezuela Gov Says US-Backed Guaido Ineligible For Public Office For 15 Years

by Andy Hart // March 29, 2019

On Thursday the Venezuelan government constitutionally barred Juan Guaido from holding office for the next 15 years while they investigate suspicious activity in his finances.

Elvis Amoroso, Venezuela’s Comptroller General, made the official statement on public television Thursday citing Article 139 of the Venezuelan constitution and referenced a formal investigation into serious irregularities regarding Guaido’s personal finances including declared income and expenditures not adding up.

“Article 139 of the constitution refers to public office holders who are guilty of abuse of power or violating the constitution or break the law and assemblymember Juan Guaido has observed and undertaken actions in concert with foreign governments that have done damage to the Venezuelan people and to public property,” Amoroso said in his statement.

Immediately after the statement was made Guaido responded telling his supporters to “be ready to mobilize in the streets” and “the moment of organization, mobilization and strategy to liberate Venezuela arrived.”

Meanwhile, a sniper reportedly took out a power plant causing a second devastating blackout in Venezuela while the U.S. treasury imposes sanctions on Venezuelan banks and Venezuelan mining company ‘Minerven’. The bank sanctions were an immediate result of Juan Guaido’s chief of staff being arrested by the Venezuelan government after he was caught having a terrorist cell from which they confiscated a number of weapons and foreign currency. U.S. sanctions have hurt the Venezuelan economy tremendously and has cost Venezuela $6 billion since August 2017. The government has stepped up to provide food, water and assistance to struggling communities but more attacks on the Venezuelan infrastructure are to be expected.

Guaido claims that because the government is illegitimate there is no comptroller and no attorney general.

Post Author: Andy Hart

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