Yurt Company Sells Out Inventory Helping Standing Rock

by Andy Hart
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A Canadian Yurt Company that sells and rents out cozy and authentic Mongolian yurts (GroovyYurts Authentic Mongolian Yurts) depleted it's inventory early in the year as they provided shelter for Standing Rock water protectors. The business gave activists at the Sacred Stone resistance camps a massive discount to help them cope with the upcoming winter conditions in North Dakota. The owners had posted a humble message after their visit to Standing Rock saying simply "We are currently experiencing higher than usual order volume! Please be patient with us while we respond to yurt needs."

The company originally began as a humanitarian transport service to provide shipments to rural communities in Mongolia. After one of the visits they had the opportunity to sell a couple yurts and have since created a booming business that still provides humanitarian relief efforts.

The yurts will protect campers from the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.

As winter is fast approaching campers need a quick approach and a shelter that is both durable, warm and transportable making yurts one of the best solutions. Each yurt provides lodging for multiple people, space for a wood-burning stove and space for accessories, storage and additional furniture. Yurts (gers) have been around for over 3,000 years originally in Central Asia. Sacred Stone Camp purchased the yurts with donation money they've been raising for their winterizing efforts.

Donors should be excited to know these structures will last for many years to come including in other resistance efforts in the future.


Every yurt is handmade with assistance from 2 families in Mongolia. Other resources and materials are sustainably sourced and help development projects and women's cooperatives.

"As much as we're happy to carry a positive business, the situation here is not one of big profit or groovy laughs. We'll be communicating more when it's done, but there are incredible people out there who deserve everyone's support."

Social media exploded with support for the business as word got out about what they did. Followers on our page left the following comments.

"Thanks for standing with Standing Rock. This will affect us here in Canada as well! Water is life and we should not have to fight for life! Protect our Water Protectors!!" - Pat Vlasic

"Thank you Groovyyurts for standing up and sharing the love with our Water Protectors." - Jessica Gresmak

"The most Yurts in all of North America are at the camps at Standing Rock!" - Johnny Dangers

Independent media journalist Johnny Dangers captured some photos of the newly found community. The campers were able to set up the foundations and successfully opened the doors for the yurt village on November 12th.

Overall, it seems everyone involved came out victorious. Campers are now provided with an entire yurt community with enough lodging space to assist in emergency situations. Groovy.

"That's the true spirit of America!! When I read that chart of the 10 corporations who basically own all of retail... I realize that we can take our lives/country back by shopping local...and supporting small business... This is how we will change...neighbor loving and supporting neighbor...."
- Port A Bundys

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