California Voted To Legalize Weed: What Now?

by Andy Hart
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California has now legalized marijuana both for recreational and medicinal use and the legislation even includes newly written passages to ease punishments for minors, offenders and helps those who may already be getting punished or have gotten related criminal records for marijuana offenses.

So, What's Changed And Can I Consume Weed Now?

A lot, and yes! Besides the general legalization of pot usage, California has changed it's legal health codes to be more lenient towards people who get caught with weed or who already have criminal records for possession or distribution of marijuana. The change was put into effect immediately after it was approved meaning you can legally smoke or consume cannabis products at home or at designated usage areas. Currently there are some rules and restrictions which you can check out below.

Adults Can Legally Possess & Use Marijuana

Californians can now possess (up to 1oz) and consume pot for any occasion as long as they're over the age of 21, consuming responsibly and doing it all in a private place. You are also free to give any adult up to an ounce of marijuana as well.

Replace alcohol with THC or CBD tea at your dinner parties and get people to really crave your cooking! The proposition is a certainly a step forward in normalizing the usage of marijuana, which, whether you agree with it's usage or not it is certainly something many have been looking forward to.

You Can Grow Weed At Home Now

Prop 64 allows for the growth of several marijuana plants and the cultivation of those plants. If you happen to come across some seeds or if you acquire some from a friend you will now be able to legally grow up to six marijuana plants in your home (in or outdoors*). It is still illegal to sell plants (though, you can purchase sprouted seeds from medical marijuana vendors with a medical marijuana license) and many commercial regulations are still being put into play.

You Can Soon Consume Pot At Specialty Shops

Once recreational sales kick in after 2018 you will notice shops offering marijuana options on their menus. Right now this is a gray area and it is still illegal to sell marijuana (aside from medical marijuana dispensaries).

From drinks to candies to pastries to joints. Sales of alcohol and tobacco products will be prohibited, however, if the establishment already offers pot. Communities like Venice Beach may end up looking more and more identical to Amsterdam.

"The current mandatory felony penalty for cultivation is eliminated, but felonies may be charged in the case of repeat offenders, persons with violent or serious priors, and various environmental offenses." - California NORML

There Are Some Restrictions

Respect The New Rules And Don't Drive Impaired

You Cannot Possess More Than An Ounce Of Pot

It is still a misdemeanor if you are over the age of 21 and get caught with more than an ounce of marijuana. If you are caught selling then it is also a misdemeanor, though, you can legally give up to an ounce of marijuana to any adult.

You Cannot Smoke Weed In Public Spaces Or Near Schools

Smoke in private and especially away from school grounds and minors. You are free to smoke and consume marijuana within a private area area outside of the general public view and at established businesses who are licensed for consumption.

Possessing pot on school grounds can land you a misdemeanor and you'll have to consume at least 1,000 feet away from school property or any public spaces where children may be present. Traveling with pot across state borders can still get you charged with greater legal punishments since they follow federal law.

Possession of less than an ounce upon a school ground during school hours by a person over 18 is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $250, or $500 plus 10 days in jail for repeat offenses.

Commercial Sales Are Still Restricted Until 2018

Even though the new laws allow for possession and consumption they still make things shaky for licensed businesses & growers thus making it confusing and difficult at times for consumers. Many marijuana businesses were enjoying a gray area when it came to marijuana regulation and this proposition has mixed things up for cannabis business owners but it's also given the hemp industry the green light as well. A new 15% excise tax has been added plus additional cultivation taxes have been implemented.

Licensed businesses will be allowed to start selling and promoting the sale of marijuana for general consumption after 2018.

*Your City May Have Enacted Limits

City officials in communities across the country are reacting differently to the law as many did not expect it to be implemented so suddenly. For example, Santa Cruz immediately passed a law forbidding people from growing plants outdoors (Prop 64 allows for cities to make this choice for themselves).

"Local jurisdictions may ban outdoor cultivation, but may not ban cultivation indoors or in a secure, locked location. Locals may enact "reasonable regulations" on cultivation."

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