We Are The Media Fundraising Details

Causes And Groups We Support

Activists & Protectors
We support activists, resistance camps and indigenous protectors across the country.

Donate Firewood To Protectors

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Proceeds from our 'Support Standing Rock' shirts benefit the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota.

Support Them Here

Water Protector Legal Collective
This legal firm supports activists and protectors involved with actions against environmental destruction

Support Them Here

Independent Media
We strive to support the journalists on the ground that we're following and the independent media networks like Democracy Now, Unicorn Riot and others for their efforts in exposing and documenting the truth.
Military Veterans
Following in the footsteps of Bernie Sanders, we try to support veterans in whichever way is possible.

Support Veterans Healing Through Service

Progressive Politicians
Our political fundraising efforts only raise money for a selected few progressive political candidates who aren't owned by corporate special interests including Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders.

Donations We've Made

Donation 1 (10.21.16) $50 (Sacred Stone Legal Fund & Mississippi Stand)
$50 - Fundrazr Transaction: #C1065918046 (view here)

Donation 2 (11.17.16) $110 (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)
$110 - PayPal Transaction ID: #47A081131S324483T (view here)

Donation 3 (11.17.16) $390 (multiple transactions)
$50 - Winterize Camp Fund (Crowdrise ID: #333144913)
$50 - Water Protector Lish (Fundrazr ID: #C109047997)
$39 - Free Red Fawn (view here)
$71 - Red Warrior Camp
$55 - #NODAPL Activist Candice Rebollo (view here)
$65 - #NODAPL Activist Grabriela Mez (view here)
$25 - Veterans for Standing Rock (view here)
$35 - Oceti Sakowin Camp

Donation 5 (11.15.16 - 12.20.16) - $42 (multiple transactions)
$5 - Unicorn Riot (view here)
$15 - Tawasi (view here)
$7 - Johnny Dangers (view here)
$15 - Democracy Now! (view here)

Donation 6 (11.30.16) $50 (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)
$50 - Debit Card Payment (view here)

Donation 7 (12.20.16) $150 (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)
$150 - Debit Card Payment (view here)

Donation 8 (12.25.16) $155 (multiple transactions)
$75 - William Hawk Surgery Fund (view here)
$35 - Firewood For Water Protectors (view here)
$45 - Veterans Healing Through Service (view here)

Donation 9 (12.28.16) $63 (multiple transactions)
$40 - Angie Spencer - Women's Healing At Oceti Oyate (view here)
$23 - Tawasi - Activist, Cook At Sacred Stone Camp (view here)

Donation 10 (1.22.17) $20
$20 - Water Protector Automotive Assistance - (view here)

Donation 11 (1.29.17) $65
$65 - Water Protector Legal Collective - (view here)
Donation 12 (2.17.17) $100
$100 - Veterans Healing Through Service (view here)

These are the groups and organizations currently supported:
- Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: available here
- Water Protector Legal Collective: available here
- Firewood for Standing Rock: available here
- Mississippi Stand (IA Resistance Camp): available here
- LastRealIndians #NODAPL Aid: available here
- Veterans Healing Through Service: available here

Some Of Our Published Designs

These are works we created for various fundraising efforts.

We Are The Media fundraising designs © Andrew Hart.

For inquiries regarding our published works feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting and a special thanks to all for supporting our projects and my creations!