Peace Accelerators- Feed Walk #3, NYC

by Sneha Sinha   January 17, 2017
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Many people believe the typical New York millennial Sunday activity involves brunching in a faux “hole in the wall” in the West Village. Millennials gather over unlimited mimosas and brood about their apparent “difficult” lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to rant? Our generation is portrayed to be spoiled and increasingly self-entitled. But do you know what we are ranting about? I’ve spent many months talking to individuals from different parts of the US about how tired we are of the establishment politicians and their corruptible actions. In the light of darkness, my friends and peers have educated me on their research that could change the way of the world. But since the era of mankind, borders and boundaries have propelled our human race to consistently categorize themselves as a certain region, religion, or extremism. I believe the generation of millennials will change that kind of thinking or belonging. Truly, we belong to one another. The advancement of technology has allowed our human race to engage and learn of cultures, history, and traits from all parts of the world. It may seem that technology has divided us due to the time spent on personal devices than personal interaction. But more importantly, cities within the United States such as New York and L.A. have transformed into major melting pots that could lead the world into believing in unity. My Sunday this week was different from the rest. My Sunday this week involved in joining an event called the Feed Walk #3 held by a small community called Peace Accelerators, founded by Christopher Salata (on featured image).

I met Chris in an unusual setting. We were both arrested at Hofstra University for the first presidential debate held between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I intended civil disobedience brought on board by the Stein/Baraka campaign. Chris had arrived from California for his generated interest in meeting Dr. Jill Stein. While being interviewed by Al Jazeera. mid-way through the interview, he was whisked away unnecessarily by the cops. Fast forward to now, I am more than thankful he was arrested with us even though that wasn’t his intention. Since our friendship blossomed from the strenuous night of detainment, I have witnessed Chris hold inspiring movements in New York within a short period of time. One of them is the Peace Accelerators and they hold an event called the Feed Walk which features sublime speakers coming from different areas of study while bringing in volunteers to help make sandwiches to hand out to our house-less population. Their first event had 8 people and they were able to prepare 75 meals. Their second event had over 20 people preparing over 150 meals. Attending the third, I witnessed over 50-60 volunteers assist in preparing over 260 meals. Attendees came from all different backgrounds after being featured on a revolutionary app for good Samaritans called Deed. With the ever growing interest among our millennial population to implement change, I can assure you this monthly event will only get bigger and essential to areas that require a sense of community.

What is Peace Accelerators you may ask? In Chris’s words, “Peace Accelerators is an organization that believes in uniting the Earth and working together to preserve our planet and all of the life on it.”

“We bring together world changers and we believe all people have the power to be world changers. We love innovation and technology and how it can be used to create a more sustainable way of life for the homo sapien and allow us to use our precious resources more effectively and with less waste. We believe that the future has the potential to be beautiful for all humans and all life, but we have to work together to create that future and make conscious and important decisions now in order to create that future.”

From a distance, Americans in rural areas may have two perspectives. They may eye-roll thinking it to be some hippy charade where everyone sings “Kumbaya,” hoping for peace to simply appear. Or they may have generated interested, given the implementation of community through cooking. After all the Bible affirms, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,” Philippians 2:3. Either way, Peace Accelerators is much more goal oriented and will be structured than your usual tree-hugging organization.

Chris states, “I envision Peace Accelerators more as a movement than a nonprofit or a business.”

“A movement that reminds people live as their highest self. To believe that humans can do this, we can become an extraordinary species- one that travels to many planets and has incredible technological breakthroughs without destroying everything in their path to get there.  Right now we’re focused on three different missions and to be honest I couldn’t care whatever “umbrella” people want to put on it (nonprofit which is what we’re currently filing it is in a legal sense, for-profit, NGO etc.).”

The Missions include:

  • Mission 1: “Turn the international day of peace into the worlds most celebrated holiday. We believe and have a strategy of how to do this by 2020. I truly believe that will happen and am happy to explain the details of that plan to anyone.”
  • Mission 2: End Capital Punishment Worldwide- by 2025 or 2030 at the latest. “Things are changing, evolving, and in many ways getting better and much quicker than a lot of people realize. Because of the viral nature of social media we are organizing and teaching each other faster than ever before in world history. We believe we can popularize a movement and get capital punishment to end at a federal level in the United States within the next 2-4 years max. Then from there we can encourage the world to follow suit. Governments should not be allowed to kill people any more than a person can kill a person, as governments are just accumulations of people. We’re not being the example by keeping the death penalty and it is also proven to not be a deterrent of murder.”
  • Mission 3: Farms not Arms. “It’s absolutely ridiculous that the US continues to remain as the worlds largest exporter of weapons rather than sustainable farming technology that can allow war torn countries to feed themselves, grow their own food, and give them an opportunity to live a prosperous healthy life.”
Peace Accelerators are working on initiatives to send farming technology (2 acre farms inside shipping containers powered by solar energy) and show how much more cost effective and rationale as a defense strategy this is then sending weapons to other nation states.
Nabeela Lakhani speaking about Square Roots

One of their featured speakers, Nabeela Lakhani, expanded on farming technology. Nabeela is one of the 10 entrepreneurs or what you may call a modern day farmer representing an urban farm accelerator known as Square Roots. Everyone’s heard of Elon Musk. Little do people know that his brother is also implementing positive change in society. Square Roots is the brainchild of Kimbal Musk. Nabeela showcased the revolutionary approach to urban farming utilizing shipping containers. Their crops are grown inside the shipping containers using no pesticides. Their purpose- The future of food needs to address a wide range of challenges – from sustainability to new technologies, from social impact to food policy. I had the privilege of purchasing her mixed Romaine greens that were a delicious addition to my Monday morning breakfast. For more, please see: Square Roots.

Kevin F. Adler speaking about Miracle Messages

Kevin Adler was another featured speaker who inspired the many that attended. With an upcoming Ted Talk in the works, Kevin Adler is the founder of Miracle Messages. What started off as a viral recording of a house-less individual sending holiday wishes to his family and then uniting with his long lost sister, the organization has grown, bringing in volunteers who have the desire to unite those dehumanized by our ignorance with their loved ones. Their purpose- increase awareness of what it’s like to live on the streets, from the firsthand perspective of those who do; to make an immediate and tangible impact in the lives of our homeless neighbors; to use a bit of technology to help the homeless be seen as invaluable, complete, and human. For more, please see: Miracle Messages.

David Kirshbaum speaking about Nonviolence International

Peace Accelerators also brought on an individual who should be revered for his work, David Kirshbaum. Thanks to him, Peace Accelerators just recently attained an office location through WeWork. David is a representative to the United Nations as a director of Nonviolence International. Their purpose- researches and promotes nonviolent action, a culture of peace, and seeks to reduce violence and passivity worldwide.  We believe that all people of every culture and religion can employ appropriate nonviolent methods for personal fulfillment,  positive social change and international peace. For more, please see: Nonviolence International.

So, what is Peace Accelerator’s purpose?

Chris: “To me, the most crazy issue/problem/catastrophe that homo sapiens must work to address on Planet Earth today in the next hundred year timeline is our issue of biodiversity loss. Currently biodiversity numbers are dropping faster and faster and many biology experts believe we are in the middle of the sixth extinction on the planet due to humans. This is extremely quantifiable and able to be tracked by lots of data. Mega-fauna and many animal populations have gone extinct in the last few decades and many more are set to. When we mess with ecology, we have no idea on what will happen to the earth as a result. It’s a grand experiment and we as the somewhat “most intelligent” species on Earth need to be very careful with the way we destroy habitats, and instead work to regrow them and live viably in smaller zones across the Earth. EO Wilson is one of my main thought leaders about this concept.

The reason peace accelerators promote peace is we believe it’s time for all human to work together on these issues and fighting each other is only delaying us from working on the real and most pressing issues that are facing our entire species today.
Other areas we will be promoting with activism is in evolving our currency into something that makes more sense for our species (likely an electric, digital currency, likely something that runs on blockchain) helping lower the disparity between our have’s and have not. These things are all much more possible and tangible than people realize; we just need leaders intelligent enough to bring these conversations directly to the forefront of society. Have the real conversations and speak about solutions rather than getting caught up in trivial, political minutiae and wasting precious time.”

For more, please see: Peace Accelerators

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