This Australian ‘Tesla Town’ Is Powered Entirely By Wall Batteries

by Andy Hart // November 30, 2016

Tesla Is Developing An Entire Sustainable Town

This futuristic Tesla Town has 2,500 units and all of them are powered with cutting-edge solar roofs and Tesla Powerwall batteries. Yarra Bend lays in a lush area of Australia, a full 300 acres of newly constructed contemporary properties alongside the Yarra River. Approved by the Yarra council initially in December of 2015, the project is owned by Tesla and will rely on Tesla for production and transportation of energy. The Yarra Bend community includes modern and sustainable homes and provides both luxury and compact residential homes as well as a major local shopping center, marketplaces, a gymnasium and more.

“One of the most environmentally sustainable developments in Australia”

Danni Addison, the Victorian chief executive of the Urban Development Institute of Australia,

Danni Addison, the Victorian chief executive of the Urban Development Institute of Australia cites the YarraBend project as being “one of the most environmentally sustainable developments in Australia”. Featuring sustainable technology from electric car ports for charging, appliances that reduce water usage and methods to reduce landfill waste up by 80% as well.

“Combined with the Powerwall and solar panels, it is likely that refuelling future residents’ electric cars will be free.” - Dannie Daddision

Within the neighborhood you'll find playgrounds, sports facilities, multipurpose courts, swimming pools, gyms, green spaces and bike paths. The community will be able to generate enough electricity to fuel their homes and their automobiles with hopes that it will be completely self-efficient in the future as technology continues to improve year after year.

Yarra Bend Masterplan (
Yarra Bend Masterplan (

Residential Properties Start At $1.4 Million

The technological installments, riverfront location and amenities contribute quite the price tag for a premium property on Yarra Bend. Sixty of the publicly listed homes in the Tesla town are priced between $1.48 million and $2.1 million while townhouses at YarraBend are expected to be considerably cheaper but are still not available.

Once all residents are settled in the population of the nearby town of Alphington will have doubled going from 4,600 residents to 9,000!


Tesla Powerwall Battery (
Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Battery (

Developing YarraBend

To make this project come to life Tesla is teaming up with developer Glenvill who creates, shapes and sells contemporary homes, interiors and office spaces.

YarraBend Sketch

Every property will feature a Tesla Powerwall 7kWh lithium-ion battery and will include a wide range of energy-efficient and water-saving appliances and fixtures. So far the project has sold out nearly every single housing lot and they're preparing to open up townhouse listings soon.

The site was formerly the Alphington Paper Mill which has an active political following to ensure the property developed on the land hold a standard of environmentally aware living and provides more than just half-room dwellings as they state "We have too many 1/2 bedroom investor apartments, and anyone who builds more is at risk of facing low demand, high vacancy and transient community."

The Town Will Even Feature It's Own App. Home owners and members of the community will be able to access a smartphone app on their mobile devices that allows them to connect with their community and find local events, transportation connections and even delivery options.

"Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels. Automated and safe, the Powerwall enables you to maximize household usage of solar power generation."

The YarraBend project could effectively double the surrounding town of Alphington's population from 4,600 to up to 9,600 (according to their 2009 census). Residents are expected to start moving in 2017.

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