Tesla Releases New Futuristic Solar Roofs

by Andy Hart // November 20, 2016

During autumn of 2016 Tesla revealed four new roof tile designs that absorb sunlight and provide energy to the homes that they're also protecting. The company designed each tile to be appealing from the streets featuring an opaque layer that essentially hides the solar cell from street-view entirely. Tesla showcased four beautiful tile designs that transformed every property with a different theme that suited the style of the roofing tiles.

Each solar roof tile is more durable than a standard roof tile and will last up to 3x longer than traditional roofs as well. The company expects the pricing of the roof tiles to be competitive if not cheaper than the cost of regular roof tiles. "How do we have a solar roof that is better than a normal roof?" Elon asked his audience during the premier event featuring the new roof tiles (displayed on a Universal Studios lot).

"The solar roof, we want it to look better, last longer, provide better insulation and cost less (all things considered) than a conventional roof." - Elon Musk

So what does a community with these solar roofs look like? Elon says "it's a neighborhood where aesthetics look better.. the key is to make solar look desirable. You want it prominent, you want to pull your neighbors over and be like 'Check out this sweet roof.'" The roof files will be printed using technology that allows every single tile to have a different color and detail so no two roofs will look the same.

Tesla Slate Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Slate Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Smooth Glass Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Smooth Glass Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Terracotta Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Terracotta Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Textured Glass Solar Roof Tiles
Tesla's Textured Glass Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla is taking orders for solar roof customers and installations are set to begin in 2017.

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