Petition For Removal Of Standing Rock Tribal Officials In Works

by Wasté Win Young // March 5, 2017

TOMORROW, I'm going to get the papers to file a petition for the removal of our tribal council officials.

The reason why is because they dishonored us and shamed us under the guise of protecting us--disrespecting thousands of allies-- especially the Očeti Šakowin who have a treaty right to be here. Also for the theft, misuse/ misappropriation of money and donations that were meant for water protectors. I will swear before a judge (and anyone) what was told to me in August 2016--about getting people to donate to the tribe instead of Sacred Stone.

I know this will bring me more enemies and create hard feelings but how do you think the grass roots people feel? The council allowed a foreign military, BIA, and the ND state patrol to step onto sovereign lands and systematically, physically remove homes and people. This action not only displaced hundreds of people (non-native, indigenous and tribal citizens) but directly caused economic hardship and inflicted great emotional duress & trauma. 

I can't apologize anymore. I still carry those values of respect -- waunsila, wolakota, with me. But I've got to do this. It's time we stood up to our government.

I would also be game to file paperwork to initiate a lawsuit against the state of ND for closing 1806 and police abuse.

If anyone would like to help or gather signatures in your district let me know.

Post Author: Wasté Win Young

─ She's a Lakota mother, grassroots organizer, artist and environmental activist who has dreams of a better world for her family and her community. Follow Me On Facebook
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1 thought on “Petition For Removal Of Standing Rock Tribal Officials In Works

    JAay Winter Nightwolf

    (March 14, 2017 - 8:11 pm)

    I’m with you on this my sister. I would be honored to bring this to the general population on my national radio broadcast. Jay Winter-Nightwolf 801-380-6619. Call me.

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