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Fargo Residents Create Memorial At Savannah Greywind’s Apartment; Neighbors Charged With Kidnapping

by Andy Hart // August 29, 2017

In an emotional week, Fargo residents came together to pay their respects to the horrific family kidnapping turned homicide involving a 22 year heavily pregnant woman and her newborn baby. Neighbors brought flowers, teddy bears and candles to the doorstep of the apartment where Savannah had last been seen and where police recovered her newborn baby. Candle light vigils have also been held to pay respects to Savannah and all the missing and murdered indigenous women.

Fargo residents came from all over the city to build up her memorial on what used to be her front door step. “I’ve lived here in Fargo for 25 years and I don’t remember anything more heartbreaking than this is” said Mary Lynn to ValleyNewsLive, an older Fargo resident struggling to come to terms with the incident that took place.

Others have been left with bitterness and outrage, calling on the neighbors to be sentenced to death for what they did to the young new mother. “They should be dead, that is what comes to my mind, I would have killed them just me personally” Jerome B. tells reporters in Fargo. Another resident spoke up and said “I think they should get the chair… If it was legal here that’s what I’d think, they should get the chair.”

Greywind, who went missing on August 19th was known to be pregnant at the time but within the 3 days police had continuously searched the apartment, they then realized the neighbors had stolen her newborn baby. After blood tests confirmed the baby was the biological child the police began asking residents to search their properties for clues or for the possible remains of the young woman. On Sunday, unfortunately, her body had been recovered by the river and the search efforts were called off.

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Greywind’s neighbors, Brooke Crews and William Hoehn, had misled police and were charged with giving false information, conspiracy for committing murder and conspiracy for committing kidnapping.

Murder conspiracy charge carry a potential punishment of life in prison without parole. Police said there were no other suspects in this case.

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