Arrested Water Protector Recalls Experience When Police Raided Last Child Camp

by Wasté Win Young // February 4, 2017

After seeing our charges and their affidavit which has some untruths to it. I want to give mine.

After the cops surrounded us on the hill we formed a circle and sang prayer songs. I did not resist nor did anyone around me on the east side. The cop directly in front of me with a face mask on asked if I would like to leave. I shook my head no. I had just seen Jenni Monet (reporter) try to leave when she told them she was media but they nabbed her anyway. I told the cop: “I’m here in peace and I’m praying for you and your babies too.” He said, “Give me your hand please. I don’t want to do this the hard way.” I gave him my hand. He turned me around and put zip ties on me. Then led me to where the women were sitting. The officials made a chain gang down the hill so we wouldn’t fall.

The whole time the cops huddled by the fire. They were talking, visiting with us. Occasionally they would adjust one of our hats, jackets, glasses, scarves. Then one of the cop’s caught his pants on fire from standing too close to the fire. The other cops were kinda teasing him low key, laughing. I was sitting right there and said, “Polyester, brother. It will do it every time. Next time wear coveralls.” Then us guys all laughed, even some of the cops.

In my mind, these could not be the same officials from October. There was one cop I know with a video camera that kept zooming in on us. He kept filming us sitting on the ground in our zipties and would come real close to me. Finally I said, “I remember you baby boy,” and blew him a kiss. Us girls all laughed. On the van we watched as they took the barricades down to let us through. Then we all got put on a bus. They had the air conditioner on. They told us to sing wheels on the bus…. One young man said this is treaty land. The cop said tell me about it. So he started to recite the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty. We all started to akisha and lili. Every time we did that, they looked terrified. Then we sang the AIM song.

They left us on the bus in the garage (which was okay because the bus was turned off, no more cold air). Then all the cops and LE started to eat and drink in front of us. Psy ops. Two women behind me kept asking to go bathroom. One finally peed her pants. After about 2-3 hours on the bus we got put in our cages. We sat in the cages about another 2 hours. I know a lot of it was psychological operations and mental games. But. There were genuine, compassionate cops and I want to acknowledge them. Thank you to Captain Dave, Dylan, Lemoine, and Esmerelda.

There were genuine, compassionate cops and I want to acknowledge them.

The Resistance.

I’m charged with criminal trespass for standing on unceded treaty land (now illegally owned by an oil corporation). I am also charged with participating in a riot for praying and singing in a non-violent manner. It’s all good. “I’m not afraid. I have relatives.”

Thank you to everyone else who left messages. My anxiety got me thrown in solitary. Left me pounding on the door to go back to my cell block. Lol! Crazy experience.

I have nothing to hide or nothing incriminating here. I am just a mama bear with 4 babies standing up for our water, standing up for what I believe in.


#NoDapl #MniWiconi

Post Author: Wasté Win Young

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