Watch Water Protectors Donate Supplies To Morton County Police

by Andy Hart // December 3, 2016

Honoring Lakota tradition the Oceti Sakowin Camp (of the seven council fires) gathered together on December 2nd with a group of women’s prayer leaders, Oceti Sakowin representatives, youth allies, Iraq war veterans and Leonard Crow Dog to deliver some supplies requested by the Police Department. The drop off included dozens of bottles of water, food and other supplies requested by the officers. Prior to making the donations the group sang, did a press release and proceed to explain the and ended the drop off with a ceremonial prayer.

A statement from the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Indigenous Peoples Power Project read “The Oceti Sakowin camp is a prayer camp, and a resilient, self-sufficient community. The camp is full of abundance– in spirit, in humanity, and in resources. Oceti Sakowin has enough to share. Generosity is an original teaching for the Lakota.”

The Camp Is Practicing Kinship And Honoring Their Ancestors

“We’re just here to show them that we love them.” – Wichahpi

“Being good relatives is basically the teachings that we’re doing here.” Wichahpi Casapa [SP], a representative From Oceti Sakowin explains: “We are here today, as the many indigenous nations that are part of the Oceti Sakowin and the great Sioux nation that we have gathered in this way to show love and compassion, to practice our kinship. We are here to offer them what they have they asked in their public notice, supplies and food – give them water. They requested a lot of things on their items list, a lot of it was pop and energy drinks. We’re gonna give them water cus we’re gonna show them that we’re living that way and we need to live healthy.”

The Morton County Police Has Already Received Millions In Funding

Despite receiving nearly $10 million dollars in federal assistance the Morton County Police has requested additional resources from it’s community in their fight against the Native people and the peaceful protectors living in the nearby resistance camps. Some of the items on their list included soft drinks and cans of energy drinks which were some of the few items that the groups decided to leave off their supply drop off.

“Thank you to the members of the International Indigenous Youth Council who stopped by with gifts of supplies and snacks for our employees. Your kindness and support is very much appreciated!” – Morton County Police posted on their social media page.

Video footage provided via livestream from Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Post Author: Andy Hart

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1 thought on “Watch Water Protectors Donate Supplies To Morton County Police

    John Kesich

    (December 7, 2016 - 1:15 pm)

    I’ve been contributing to Standing Rock, and while I don’t intend to do anything rash, this article is making me reconsider. I do not want to give a dime to thugs in uniform who can clearly be seen getting sadistic pleasure from brutalizing people. It would be one thing if the cops were in any real need, but they’ve got millions and millions to piss away on helicopters, tear gas, concussion grenades, etc – and I’m sure they are well paid. The fact that they included soda and energy drinks on their list shows just how phony their appeal is. Aren’t there any poor people in Morton County that the Sioux could have helped instead? Will the cops use the donated water to hose down the water protectors next time?

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