What’s Happening To American Men? (Video Series by Dr Harriet Fraad)

by We Are The Media // August 3, 2019

Job scarcity, low pay, communication skills and other economical factors have created a crisis for many men in the United States.

“Men are in a period of very rapid transition, for which they’ve had no preparation and for which they’ve had no support” says Dr. Harriet Fraad (a mental health counselor from New York City).

The roles for both genders has changed drastically. As they were growing up men were encourage to be tough, angry or emotionless while the women were encouraged to be more vulnerable and to communicate with each other. “As men have counted on other women’s emotional support, other women count on other women to emotionally support us.”

A lack of introspection, a lack of listening, a lack of compromise with others and lack of affirming skills contributes to declining self-esteem and relationship complications for many men.

“It’s American women who initiate almost all, 70 percent, of the divorces in the United States and it’s women who now are  the majority of people who are refusing marriage. For the first time in American history the majority of American women are single by choice and men are lost and alone.

After divorce women report being happier, men report being unhappy. Why would that be? Well, when there’s a divorce women look to women friends to support, they look to their relatives, they look to each other. When men leave a relationship their friendships don’t allow for that kind of emotional support. They’re alone. And alone is a terrible place to be for a human being.”

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