This Bra Could Save Your Life

by Andy Hart
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A bra that could literally save you and someone else in an emergency has been created.

Dr. Elena Bodnar is the founder of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute in Chicago where she works on projects concerning radiation exposure and various trauma related studies. One of her side-projects is a crisis accessory known as the Emergency Bra. This bra allows the wearer to not only create a breathing mask for herself but also provides a mask for another victim who may need help avoiding inhalants.

What Was The Inspiration?

The Ukrainian doctor was originally inspired by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster which emitted Iodine-131 into the air exposing thousands to radiation sickness. She believes the numbers of those exposed to radiation may have been reduced if there had been enough affordable gas masks to distribute to the citizens and she feels that by having a garment that is worn regularly could help serve as an emergency solution in terms of practicality. They are designed to be worn and washed like any other bra so they can come in handy during a disaster. The strapless feature allows the wearer to not only bundle their hair back but also use their arms to help them clear debris should the emergency situation require them to do so.

Do Average Americans Really Need Emergency Breathing Masks?

I sat down and talked with Lish LaBarge who was arrested on October 22nd during an incident between water protectors of North Dakota and the Morton County Police after she and over 125 others went on a prayer walk through treaty land to pray for the water and indigenous ancestors buried beneath them. During that instance she experienced the effects of tear gas and saw others get harmed with mace. While nurses attempted to help people who were temporarily blinded the police quickly followed behind and began making arrests. “The violence in this country is ongoing and I predict I’ll be in similar situations in the near future” she says.

Morton County Police Deploying Tear Gas On A Group Of Indigenous Activists Engaged In Prayer © Rob Wilson Photography
Morton County Police Deploying Tear Gas On A Group Of Indigenous Activists Engaged In Prayer © Rob Wilson Photography

When asked about the realistic overall usefulness of a bra like this, Lish says “I find it very practical. This idea has the potential to save lives in disastrous situations are, unfortunately, more common than many people realize.” The state of militarized police action in the United States tends to contribute to the general anxieties that many wake up to and go to sleep with as more and more citizens are witnessing their friends and elders become victims of violent police abuse or become victims themselves.

Yes, The Emergency Bras Are Actually For Sale

Dr. Elena Bodnar and have various prototypes of the bra for sale and currently sells two versions to the public, one of which tracks radiation in a slot between the cups. The bras are available in one only color which is an intimate and fiery red with lace accents and has a restriction as far as size goes but custom alterations can be ordered from the website as well. Visit them at

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