West Virginia Teachers Strike

► Another Blow To Public Education As West Virginia Criminalizes Teacher Strikes

In February of 2018 West Virginia teachers went on a massive strike that ignited even more strikes across the country in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona and elsewhere. Since then West Virginia lawmakers have been dishing out bills promoting charter schools while penalizing teachers who are exercising their first amendment freedoms.

Lee Camp: STOP ARGUING, Both Sides Of Healthcare Debate Exploit The Sick For Profit

The reason the healthcare debate isn’t actually a debate in this country is because talk of single-payer universal healthcare isn’t anywhere near the conversation. It’s so marginalized, which is pathetic, because the US is the only developed country in the world that doesn’t provide this to its citizens. When the idea of healthcare as a human right isn’t part of the US healthcare debate, guess what? – There ain’t no real debate.