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Are you an independent activist, artist or writer who seeks to expose the problems we face around the world? We'd love to learn more about you and invite you to participate in our application process below!


What does it take to be part of the team?

If you enjoy attending local events, if you're politically engaged, if you're an enthusiastic writer, an activist, a mother or just a soul with an opinion - then you deserve to have your voice heard!

Our community organization thrives on personal stories and everyday actions that define us as human beings and showcase our ability to respect those around us in a world we share with others. We strive to deliver content that delivers hope, unity and reality so people can expand their perspective if they've been surrounded by lies and propaganda which is currently being repeated on the television and radio across every major media network in the United States.

We support our authors and encourage them to promote ways to fund their efforts including using platforms like Patreon, GoFundMe, Fundrazr and PayPal. Every writer has the opportunity to promote their accounts with an image ad under their articles and author biography.
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